wanted: Raj audio transcriber
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Your fear preoccupies you and causes you to refrain from listening.  Or it is overwhelming enough that you expect my response to treat the fear as though it's real, and correct the supposed cause of the fear, rather than doing what will cause you to choose for your peace in spite of the fear and its apparent cause. 

If your body could be anaesthetized, and you could still be conscious, you would be incapable of having the experience of fear.

Fear is a body sensation. 

Mentally you determine what is fearful for you and when those things which meet the criteria of your definition occur, your body tenses up...anxiety in the pit of your stomach.  You say that you have become afraid THEN and you have in effect let your body lead you, tell you, what you are feeling.  The body is simply rendering visible to you your current beliefs.  If you recognized  that your body was reflecting back to you your current beliefs, you wouldn't say "my body isn't cooperating with me today", you might say "Boy, I am really handling my body poorly" and there is a big difference there.  Because if you recongnize that you are the one that is handling your body then you can handle it in a new way.  You are empowered because you haven't lost sight of the source of the authority for what the body is doing.

So, when you believe that your body is generating the expericence of fear because there is something fearful.  And you don't realize that it is a choice you are making that you can make again a different way, it removes the correction of the fear from my control, as well as yours, you see.  And makes you feel personally responsible for them.

This is an obvious confusion of levels.  The levels being mind and matter.  Or, mind and that which renders visible and tangible that which mind, God, is being.

When you think that cause lies in the manifestation, you are confused and it is level confusion.

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