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Subject: RE: Spoonbenders Course


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Hi Veronica,
I've had trouble getting on line so I didn't see your post until now.
You're so good with words why don't you compose a short post and send it to my home e.mail address and I'll get it posted on the Spoonbenders site.

I think that this is all about sharing. We're so blessed to have Raj and the people who make his teachings available to us, so lets get the Word out
to those who are searching like us.

I haven't been on for a while so I don't know what they're up to.The last time I tuned in, there were many enthusiastic souls bending spoons.
However bending spoons is not the name of the game, its about accessing the power of God within yourself and using it to create Peace in the middle east and the world.
Blessings on this beautiful frosty morning in Norfolk
Field of Flowers

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