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Posted 2003-01-22 9:08 AM (#250 - in reply to #227)
Subject: Trish, can you help us?

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Hello there,

How is spoonbending going? 

I am not sure how to approach this topic.  I think that there are thousands of people that are associated with spoon benders that would love to find out about Raj and this work.  But, I don't know the socially acceptable way to introduce them.

Do you participate in their message board?  I think that you are supposed to stay on topic.  Now if you feel guided to expand the general topic to include other things spiritual?????

I don't know what is considered acceptable and what is considered spamming when it comes to message boards.  It seems to me that Trish has been working with these for a very long time (there must be others as well), she would probably know.  Maybe she will come on and give her opinion.

BUT, besides Mr. Twyman's group, how can we expand out to others?

Love to you,

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