An example of what can be done
Posted 2003-01-21 9:24 AM (#169)
Subject: An example of what can be done

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Hello all,

Just as a reminder.....

James Twyman sent another email today.  Did you get it too?  I am not going to focus on the work that he is doing, I haven't been following it that closely.  I am going to focus on his fundrasing successes.

You may remember my post from the other board.  If not, I will give a quick summary.  Again, this is not a commentary on what Mr. Twyman is doing, this is simply an emample of what another spiritual community is doing about finances.

Mr. Twyman is holding a 'spoon benders course'.  He is teaching people to bend a spoon with The Mind and he states that this teaching will lead toward bending the world toward peace.

To participate in his Internet course, you are presented with a sign on screen where you choose to donate $25, $50, or $75.  If you want to participate for free, you must send an email requesting to do so.

OK, As I stated before SO MANY PEOPLE responded to this course that they crashed the payment server. 

His most recent email, which I received today, tells that "tens of thousands of people are participating in the spoon benders course".  He also describes the retreat center that they are buying in Ashland, Oregon.

Now, before we go any further, I want to say that I DON'T think there should be a charge for the Raj materials.  I think that Raj is teaching us a new way to be in the world and I support this.

The thing about Mr. Twyman is this, when he announced his spoon benders course and his work with the psychic children at least 4 people forwarded me that email.  Several asked me about it in person and, if I am not mistaken, it was posted on TGP.  It is no wonder that thousands of people know about it, everyone is talking about it!

How can we use this portion of his model to help with the Foundation's financial situation? And, more importantly, interact with the 'tens of thousands'?





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