Today: Saturday morning; PHONE & Zoom info; Brief session ACIM/Raj/Awaken/Together video meeting
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Subject: Today: Saturday morning; PHONE & Zoom info; Brief session ACIM/Raj/Awaken/Together video meeting

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  Today: Saturday morning: 8:30 AM     PT (Pacific Time) USA

PLEASE NOTE: If you participate, this is YOUR meeting, every bit as much as everyone else who participates! We want what YOU bring to EVERYONE'S Awakening!!!

FYI: I email a copy of this to whoever requests it, whether participating in the meeting or not. Reply to this message. We will find a way to put you on the email list.

We are following Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together.

YOU are invited!!!

We sure would Love to have your participation!

I Love you,


Go online to: ........super easy to get started.

Or: Join the meeting by PHONE (no video), call: 346-248-7799 or 669-900-9128.

Then, join the meeting:

Meeting ID: 872 9311 4948

PASSWORD: 334068


We will discover the format and agenda together.












WHAT IF YOU COULD ONLY TELL THE TRUTH?                                   RAJ

What would happen if you made a commitment to only tell the Truth for one day . . . or one week? And I don’t mean saying exactly what you think or feel, and letting the chips fall where they may!

What I mean is: What if you confined yourself to giving voice to the Voice for Truth, and nothing else! Would you even be able to open your mouth?

Do you even hear the Voice for Truth? And if you do, is the subject matter fit for every-day conversation—common interactions with others? Would you find listening ears? Would you ignore those who did not hear . . . who even challenged or harassed you . . .  and contentedly confine yourself instead to however few or many joined with you?

And what would you do if the Voice for Truth made it clear to you that you must decide for It, and forever abandon expressing or valuing your personal thoughts and feelings? Would you be surprised to learn, after all your spiritual devotion and study, that this is where it was all leading, and that you may not find your time worth it, or your Brother worth it, or your Self worth it, to go that far—that indeed, your personal self appreciation is such a complete addiction . . . one which seems so meaningful to you . . . that you are actually unwilling to conceive of it as anything other than absolutely normal, and that what I am calling Atonement is insane?

Yes, you would.

Why am I saying this? Because A Course in Miracles has been in the “human experience” too long now for this fact to remain unstated! It is time for the Truth which it is the appearance of in the world, to move it’s students beyond “spiritualizing their present sense of themselves,” and bringing the necessary discipline into play which it takes to be transformed instead!

What is that “necessary discipline?”

Instead of being some sort of strength each one of us has, with which to reclaim our Birthright—the event called Atonement—it is our capacity to say, “No!” It is the refusal to assert the will . . . or more appropriately said: “The only right use of will is to not use it!”

Turning to the altar within is to turn to the Holy Spirit, “that which is nothing more than your right mind”—the Voice for Truth. It is the only right use of will! It is to turn away from “self” awareness, which is always “other” awareness—“other” and “self” . . . “self and other” . . . other/self . . . self/other . . . they are inseparable from each other . . . out-there!

Self awareness is always awareness of self in contrast to others. The two define each other, whereas the “One” found at the altar within is not the experience of independent self, but of Be-ing—Self—a divine Verb in which the Meaning of Brotherhood as infinite Singularity is found. The One, infinitely individualized! And the One defines all of us.

Let me put it this way: The One defines all of us . . . when we let Him! And we let Him by practicing the holy instant—going within, becoming still, asking Him “what is the Truth here” and then shutting up and Listening. This is the “thy will be done” part of Awakening, and it is the simplicity of it. But it is the hardest part to make commitment to.

It is the hardest part to make commitment to, but it is the way the Fall is undone. It is the “Annulment” of the divorce from God when two or more said to the Father, “I’d rather do it myself” and made commitment to each other, instead. You see?

The arguments against what I am teaching, the arguments which arise in your mind, are the gargoyles at the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven which one’s addiction tempt him with. They say, “you will lose your identity,” when the fact is that you abandoned your Identity and for all (im)practical purposes lost It by simply turning your back on the altar within—the first “journey without distance.” You also turned your back on the united Brotherhood which exists there, together with Creation unaltered from what we—you and I—as God and co-creators with God are the conscious experience of.

I am going to these lengths to say the same thing in so many different ways because of the difficulty there is in believing that the last step of Atonement is so simple, really, and that the gargoyles make it seem so complicated. And you need someone to encourage you . . . now that you have ears . . . not to be dismayed by the effort it will take, nor the unexpected fact that you have to take it.

It really is simple.

Be with this awareness. Don’t put it on the back burner. Be uncomfortable with it. It is the ego, afraid of your escaping from its captivity, and its complaint is your sign that you are at the gates to the Kingdom, standing at the threshold, and that this is the specific time to make commitment to the holy instant because you are so close.

It is a learning experience which requires your Listening to hear all of Us who are Awake, Who are standing in conscious support of you all as you apparently grope for Home. You have no idea how infinitely you are companioned with on this journey without distance.


You are greatly loved!

Kingston, Washington
May 6th, 2021






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