Dear “Benefactor”
William Daniels
Posted 2021-04-28 5:20 PM (#245336)
Subject: Dear “Benefactor”

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Dear “Benefactor”                                                4/28/2021

First: Thank you for providing the funding which allowed The Northwest Foundation For A Course In Miracles to purchase the home that Susan and Paul Tuttle have lived in since approximately 2009.

I first started to participate with the Foundation in approximately 2004. I have gotten great personal value from my participation. For example:

The idea that I can be in relationship with my wife, each day being curious about how I might learn something new about her …..instead of thinking “I know her” and sometimes getting upset when she did not act consistent with my “knowing her.” ;

Far more love and appreciation and acceptance of myself ;

Continuously looking for the magnificence in others, and how I might be helpful …..instead of always expecting to see how stupid other people can be. (like when I am driving a cab and interacting with hundreds, sometimes thousands of other drivers every day).

If you are not I a position to continue your own support of this work by carrying the mortgage ….perhaps you know someone who can, or you can facilitate it happening in some way.

In any event, Thank You for what you have done!!!

William Daniels



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