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Posted 2021-04-22 2:29 AM (#245229)
Subject: Another Announcement


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There is a new section in the new blog! It’s called The Raj Material. It has an Introduction to Raj, 16 years of ACIM Study Groups, two e-books and more. Go to the new blog, click on “Topics,” click on “The Raj Material” and then explore. When you select something to read and listen to simultaneously, you will have to tap the speaker icon at the top of the page and then scroll the screen up about an inch. That will uncover the play/stop/forward/back controls which are sometimes hidden at the bottom edge of the screen. Once you hit the play button, the page will automatically scroll up, keeping pace with the recording. It’s wonderful.

You will notice blue paragraph borders on the left side of many paragraphs, and these signify that those paragraphs are from the text of A Course in Miracles, while the rest are my commentary on their meanings.

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