What is the nature of God....?
Posted 2021-04-14 6:04 AM (#245079 - in reply to #244994)
Subject: The continuity of Life


The continuity of Life is there, it is here, present.  It does not matter whether I see it or not, whether I focus on this fact or not, It Is. 

In this light I realize how awesome it is that I am having this experience. I have been contemplating how Paul's example of giving from the heart, sharing from Soul, from the depth and peace of his Being, how that has touched me and how the transformation of his touch is contributing to my awakening, to my awareness and experience of the peace of God. 

And now, with the current opportunity to look at Life as half empty or half full, I am seeing that it is a choice, a choice of how to look, it is my choice for faith or lack of it.  My choice for gratitude or despair. 

And you know what? The most amazing thing, the most wonderful thing that comes up for me now is that in spite of how much gloom I could find,  there actually IS so much Good, so much of God which I can already see and appreciate and cleave to, all of it Now.

In light of the above, as I focus my attention on what Is, I realize that that which I can only see in the shade of gloom right now,  is soon to become the New Chapter in the Continuity of Life. 


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