Happy Easter Everyone!
Posted 2021-04-03 8:36 PM (#244904)
Subject: Happy Easter Everyone!


Happy Easter


Raj Excerpt:

"I guess we could say this is my “Easter Message,” but then, every time we talk it’s an Easter message, isn’t it?  Every time we talk we talk about emerging from the tomb, except that we’ve been calling it “emerging from the orphanage,” emerging from an overwhelming state of ignorance of who you Are and what you Are—an  ignorance which blinds you.  And one could say, whereas, before you were dead and after you emerge, you are alive.


It could be better put that: before you were unconscious of the truth, but now you are conscious of the truth.


This crossing the bridge from death to life, from ignorance to enlightenment is our total subject, isn’t it?  And it has been…."

Rajpur, April 3, 2010


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