TODAY: Time; Phone &Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 47th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together meeting
William Daniels
Posted 2021-02-10 3:42 PM (#244079)
Subject: TODAY: Time; Phone &Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 47th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together meeting

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PLEASE NOTE: If you participate, this is YOUR meeting, every bit as much as everyone else who participates! We want what YOU bring to EVERYONE'S Awakening!!!


47th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting







We are following Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together.


YOU are invited!!!


We sure would Love to have your participation!


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Tonight: 7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) USA



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I suggest that we review the following new post from Raj, (and next week pick up where we left off last week):






It Takes What It Takes

Posted on February 5, 2021 by Raj


TO “DO” OR BE “DONE UNTO” is not the question! It is the misinterpretation of, “Be, and by being, heal the sick.” The real question is, are you willing to just be? Are you willing to neglect the invitation to compete for sovereignty at the expense of Brotherhood? Are you willing to genuinely consider the fact that as the Course, says, “there is another way to look at this.” And are you willing to consider that this is true because what you are seeing is not What is going on, but what you are projecting onto It, and then competing with by attempting to overpower It without looking at the fact that it is your mind which needs to be changed, not “what” is being seen?”

I know! He may well be doing the same thing. He may well be frightened of you as a result of his projection . . . of how he was trained to see . . . causing him not to see who you Really are. But correction will not occur in him until he, likewise, becomes willing to acknowledge that “there is another way to look at” what he is looking at —namely “you.” As long as the two of you are trapped in the ethic of “doing” or being “done unto,” correction or healing cannot occur.

If you look at your brother or sister and see what you were taught to see instead of what is Really there — something necessarily different from you, else you would not challenge it — you will be afraid of the effect it will have on your reputation, on your social standing, and you will defend yourself . . . to save yourself . . . keeping well hidden from the world and from yourself the fact that you are perverting your brother’s reputation, his social standing, etc., by doing the very things you are claiming he is doing — or will do — to you. And you must hide what you are doing from yourself in order to justify the treatment you are subjecting your brother to.

“Oh, but God individualized Himself as the two of us. We were created to be different.”

No, you were not! You were made in his image and likeness, and your Function was not to clearly illustrate difference, but to clearly illuminate Him in each and every thing, confirming not yourselves, but Him — not just in every thing, but in yourselves as well, together, in Brotherhood, as Brotherhood.

This is the Truth. It is where peace, harmony, love and utter safety await you, await your willingness to disavow your devotion to “doing,” in favor of the unfettered experience of Wholeness, of eternality, in which nothing needs to be defended, there is no need for walls, and there is no need for masks or 6 feet of space between you.

Nothing can make you safe from yourself. You take yourself with you wherever you go. You go with yourself wherever you go. As I’ve said many times: You see what you are looking with. It is what you do with your attention — not what you can do to coerce your brother — that needs to be changed. It is a matter of what the Father created you to be and not what you can force your Brother to think, be, or feel which constitutes the difference between being and doing — between creating/reinforcing suffering and healing. Whether you are happy about it or not about what is going on the world, you are a participant in it . . . and your brother, even though he may be suffering just as you are, is not responsible for your being a participant in it. You are, and you alone.

You may lean on your brother’s perspective, and he may lean on yours. You may use his perspective for good or for ill, but it will always be for your reasons and for your purposes – not his! The sooner you realize how unequivocal and absolute this is, the sooner you will be free . . . and the sooner will he — no longer having the support he needs to remain unhealed.

“Be, and by being, heal the sick!”

“Be . . . and by being . . . be healed!”

If “what you give, you get to keep,” then “what you are giving, you are getting,” and “what you have, you have given yourself.” Does that mean that nothing should be bothering you because you made it all up? No! Does that mean that you are responsible for another’s behavior? Only if you have said, “yes,” when you needed to say, “no,” or “no” when you needed to say, “yes.” You must be very honest with yourself.

If you do not honor yourself — and it will always be for your reasons — you will be teaching others that they can dishonor you as well . . . for their reasons! But it will always be sons or daughters of God engaged in soliloquies, blaming the others for the misery which accompanies their own individual, independent, and therefore impoverished Vision.

This is a very important lesson; a very significant aspect of Awakening. It has infinite transfer value, and I invite everyone to quietly abide with the meaning of what I am sharing. So very often one will settle for inadequacy, giving value to the valueless and not “dismissing it with,” as it has been said, “the abiding conviction that it is illegitimate.” It is far too often that I hear someone say, with great gratitude, “Problems force me to grow,” but it is not true. Problems are the “hurt” which it is your Birthright not to be experiencing.

It is the Holy Spirit which turns them to your advantage, because that is what the Holy Spirit does. Praise the Holy Spirit, not the problems. The correction of problems is always the replacement of ignorance with understanding — understanding borne of experience. Do not be confused, though. It is not the problems which provide the experience, but the Holy Spirit — “that which is nothing more than your right mind.” It is the integrity of You illuminating You to the apparently impoverished sense of you, and replacing it. That is its Function.

As I said, this lesson has infinite transfer value, and is not just an intellectual exposition of universal or contextual information. For the last eleven weeks, Paul’s, Susa n’s, Chris’ and Judy’s experience has, for lack of better words, provided the context for much learning. There is so much gratitude for life that undue credit has often been given to things which are absolutely normal and undue fear has been introduced by the unexpected, because it has been unexpected, creating the false perception of being out of control and in need of control when the need for such control never seemed necessary in the past . . . and wasn’t.

In the almost three months of Paul’s recovery, credit cards which had been used to accommodate the uncontrolled cash flow which is normal when everything you do is done on the basis of Gift, were canceled; three months of federal taxes have gone unpaid; yearly state taxes, which came due in January have yet to be paid, causing the nonprofit status of the Foundation to be temporarily suspended; telephone service was suspended and restored three days ago; Susan had the inordinate task of making arrangements, juggling payments and keeping things steady with only two paychecks a month for November, December and January. And, there is still the $500,000 loan which needs to be repaid.

To “do or be done unto,” is a distorted perspective which has risen to the surface more than once during this period of time — experienced as an unspoken gut feeling that “Life has done something to you.” “Now you need to do something to counteract it.” Fortunately, all it has done is cast a shadow, without introducing full-blown discouragement. It has turned their attention to me, and I have said that, “the fact is that a significant amount of money is needed in order to restore functionality. And the fact is that it takes what it takes. And the fact is that loss does not correct loss. And the fact is that until need is acknowledged and the fulfilling of it is no longer talked away by means of spiritual mumbo-jumbo, divine Love cannot meet it.

I further shared that it’s not that divine Love doesn’t have infinite resources with which to meet human need, but rather that no one dares to embrace more than he has been conditioned to have. In practical terms, this means that no one will consider the possibility or the potential of having certain things because no one he can identify with has ever set an example of “having it.” As a result, he won’t let it in. “That’s impossible!” But, if it ispart and parcel of the Whole idea, it is possible, necessary, and inevitable!

The simple fact is that there is need of a minimum of $5,000 over the next three days — and then, immediately, MORE!

Now, there are many ways to give voice to the Voice for Truth. But in order for that statement to mean anything, one must notice that the Course doesn’t say, “LISTEN for and “TO” the Voice for Truth,” but “GIVE VOICE to the Voice for Truth.” And it means, “WHATEVER IT TAKES, DO IT!” And this means, “Don’t be embarrassed when there are human needs to be met in the process of DOING IT!

Reconfiguration is occurring everywhere on your globe. What was impossible and unreasonable one month ago, one year ago, five years ago is, for lack of better words, being MADE possible right now. Does that reduce it to nothing more than opinion? A mutual agreement? No. It is more than that.

There can be many opinions about “what is needed” at any given time. But, there are things which every single one of us, together, have in common — things we can overlook, ignore, when comfort is dominant. This means, as everyone is finding out, that when there is comfort, one can override common sense, sensitivity, intimacy, and all that is nourishing — basic needs. But when exhaustion sets in, basic needs become clearer and clearer and one loses patience with that which should never become tolerable.

Requests have been received from many on the Foundation’s mailing list requesting that no more letters be sent regarding lack. I understand that everyone feels blessed by the expression of Truth and the amplification of A Course in Miracles. But “it takes what it takes” to share it, and it takes all of us to share it. The practicality of this is that it takes all of us to share it in order for all of us to receive it and in order for all of us to have and keep what we have given, it takes involvement. We need each other . . . all of us need each other. And we need each other in active embrace.

So, we will delete the names of those who no longer want to be on our mailing list, but we will not stop inviting everyone else to participate in practical, reasonable Brotherly love. We will continue to invite everyone to put forth whatever it takes to arrive at peace, in the willingness to embrace “another way of seeing” — whatever “this” might be at any given moment.

Transformation is a matter of letting “that which has never been” . . . BE — giving permission for what the Father Wills, no matter how outrageous it seems to one’s conditioned thinking. Really! What do you think it means: “Thy will, not mine be done.” What it means is, that instead of standing at odds with your brother, keeping him on his side of a border you have built, you stand with the Father by giving your attention only to me and/or the Holy Spirit, on your Brothers’ behalf.

Who is to decide how much is too much or how much is too little? And who decided that quantity is to be the determiner of anything? Putting the emphasis on some mutually agreed-upon standard is very different from honoring oneself. Your task is to refuse to abuse others and to refuse to let others abuse you. It is not your task to control or manipulate them, or for them to manipulate you.

In the absence of mutual influence, the power and presence of God are spontaneously and naturally revealed in you . . . and you, together with everyone else, learn who You truly are. That is waking up. That is the Atonement. In the process, everything it takes reveals itself through us, as us. And whether it is several billion dollars for a spacecraft to go to Mars, or a few thousand dollars a month for a nonprofit foundation to operate, whether it is braces for your child’s teeth or temporary medical expenses . . . the needs will be met. And they will be met more easily because of the transfer value of this very specific lesson.

I love you very much.

Kingston, Washington
February 5th, 2021





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