Blessed and Grateful -- "All things exist by being together!"
Posted 2020-12-28 12:23 PM (#242920)
Subject: Blessed and Grateful -- "All things exist by being together!"


A day or so ago, in communication with Orinda under the thread by Selene, 'Everyone', I had the happy realization that I don't really know what Heaven is.  What a wonderful opportunity to realize that this most important need to know, though it had not dawned on me before, was now open to be Answered.  Thank you Selene and Orinda for sharing your heartfelt desire for us to really connect with each other, to be together.

It is so amazing to me that Raj just told us what Heaven is.  It is the 'place', the Movement where  "The Father must communicate his love for his Son and Daughter, for that is why His Son and Daughter were created. The agreement between the Father and His Son that they be One creates the spark of life itself which is embodied as wholeness rendered visible.  "   For me, those words are a perfect answer to my desire to know what Heaven is.

Thank you Raj for always highlighting what is True, what really works.

Thank you all for being here, for sharing, for your friendship.

  "All things exist by being together!"


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