Susan asked me to post this NEW COMMUNICATION FROM RAJ
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Subject: Susan asked me to post this NEW COMMUNICATION FROM RAJ

December 21, 2020 

Dear Friends, 

 I have asked Susan once again to let me respond to the needs at hand.   

To begin with, many are wondering how Paul is doing.  I will answer appropriately.   

This past week there have been many challenges.  Last Sunday while at the rehab, Paul had the misfortunate experience of falling out of an airbed onto the floor.  It was a surprise which called for his return to the hospital for tests for injuries.  They found no injuries except a badly bruised arm.  During that time of testing, he encountered a sudden instability as a result of having no food for three days while being tested.  It has taken a week for him to regain his feet and begin normal eating patterns.  Today he will be returning to the extended care facility. 

I also wish to share two conversations I had with Susan during the hard times of last week.  


December 14, 2020  

I am here for you to know the value of what I give to you-the clarity that is the certainty.  Faith in what I give carries a jewel within it.  The pearl of great price does not require a sacrifice; does not demand the relinquishment of your worth. Rather, it clarifies it when you allow the experience of our communion.  

I want Paul to have this clarity, and he will, as soon as he remembers what he wants.  

As I said earlier this evening, everyone must get their priorities straight.  When everyone is preoccupied with fear, they miss the opportunity to remember what God wants for them.  The Father always wills something much better than our impoverished solutions.   

The Father must communicate his love for his Son and Daughter, for that is why His Son and Daughter were created. The agreement between the Father and His Son that they be One creates the spark of life itself which is embodied as wholeness rendered visible.  

You must have faith in your brother that he will remember what he wants.  The truth that he, your brother, will remember is:  “His Father has only eternal Love for him and He will never leave him nor forsake him.”  Remember this truth about him, your brother, on his behalf.  


December 15 

The next day after this conversation I had with Susan, she was allowed to visit with Paul.  They had not seen each other in almost six weeks.  While she was there, the doctor visited with her and shared that this was the best medicine that Paul could have.  She was allowed to spend the afternoon in his private room sharing their joy of being together for six hours.  She recited often to him what I told her to say while he slept: “Your Father has only eternal Love for you and He will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Susan and Paul saw and felt the room filled with beauty and peace -a Holy time together.  After returning home that night, I asked Susan to listen further to what I wanted to say.  The following is the conversation I shared with her. 


Do not underestimate the value of this day.  There were no accomplishments.  Just being together with Paul was the right note to resonate with.  All things exist by being together! 

Getting back on the right note was the fulfillment of purpose, not engaging in a deliberate attempt to overcome an obstacle. 

Being together is a practice of forgiveness, for you are with your brother without plans to “right a wrong-doing”.  Peace is the practice, and peace is its outcome, permeating through a so-called immovable object. 

This is how healing is accomplished without the strain of being in an unnatural way.  You both were being a blessing to each other, without effort or intensity.  It was a good day!  

Two days later Paul called Susan to share with her his happiness over having a night and a day of deep rest and blessed peace.  

On Christmas Eve he returned to the extended care facility with much greater stability and he is looking forward to coming home soon.   



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