Making Whole
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Subject: Making Whole


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Dear Friends 

I have awakened Susan this morning stating to her my desire to speak through her regarding the progress of Paul’s recovery. 

I would like to begin by saying this:  the fact that there is no order of difficulty in miracles lies in the awareness of the following statement.  If you make Peace your goal, everything will begin to look like Peace!  

In the world of illusions however, one is distracted by information, I will call, meaningless chatter about overcoming obstacles within the world of problem solving. Assuming what the problem is becomes the mutual agreement which appears to have the sensation of momentum.  As a result, the thought that comes to every mind is: “Now we are getting somewhere”.  Within its tenacious hold lies the appeal of the promise of accomplishment of “good over evil”.  Out of this confusion comes a goal so alien to our Divinity -the thought that “a war on truth” exists.  This suggestion is in the airways of temptation, a call to see complications everywhere one would look.  

Very simply put, I have said to Paul in our book Graduation,  “But you see, Paul, you still cannot see without Me”.  In this statement of Truth, is the simple Answer that invites our joining today.  It is the alternative to seeking answers within the “problem” as constructed by a mutual agreement.  

I will now address your question, “How is Paul?”  He is improving daily in every way.  He is still requiring some extended care and experiencing renewed optimism and joy regarding his recovery. 

Most of all, I have given you a window of perception to see and understand what Paul and I have been discussing in regard to his continuing stability.  He understands that every problem brought to Me becomes a learning process where Peace is completely restored and the body utters no complaint.   

Peace outlasts conflict, Peace permeates through conflict… while conflict implodes upon itself. 

And now we must address the current financial situation.  I have told Susan to wait on me to give the rest of this message, and now is the time.  (Two days later). 

This morning Susan received a call from the attorney of our donor for the present home where Paul and Susan live.  A time limit of six weeks has been given before proceedings to sell their home will begin.  That action will begin January 31, 2021.  The amount needed in order to avoid this action will be $500,000 with a small interest added. 

The way must be made for Paul to recover gracefully.  A mortgage with the Foundation bank has been initiated but not completed.  Understandably, this has been put on hold.  There is a need for one or more individuals to “stand in” for a time while Paul’s healing is complete and the bank addresses their overload of customers applying for loans, as well as leaving Paul time to gather paperwork. 

In addition to what I described, we have no limit as to how this house is to be paid for.  I advised Susan to suspend her judgment as to the outcome of the resolution to make Whole, the donor.  This is a lesson of Making Whole.  When you join with Me, we go to the Place of Wholeness and there we invite the Wholeness as an experience of everything our attention rests upon. 

I have given Susan this picture and the words to describe My answer.  The time is now to consider how we might steady this ship.   

I wish to thank each and every one for their ongoing generous offerings.  Your acts of dedication to this work and to what I have to share is always remembered by Me and by Paul and Susan as well.  

To be continued…. in Peace.   
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December 13, 2020

– Rajpur
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