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Posted 2020-12-09 10:06 AM (#242067 - in reply to #242066)
Subject: RE: yes, yes ... good fun!


Interesting...but I betcha that for the caterpillar the whole process must be fascinating.  Since it doesn’t intellectualize,  it must Feel and Know, and that is a joyful experience, or a joyfulness.   It just comes to attention that Feeling and Knowing are a joyfulness, and in it, in the wonder of it is delight and enjoyment.   I saw a caterpillar earlier this fall.  It was crossing the street.  It is what has been called the woolly bear.  I remember stopping and looking for a long time because it’s rhythm was fascinating.  Nothing slow or meandering about it. It had destination! Now I can get a sense of the movement of Creation there where in my perception was a caterpillar. 

Oh, this has been real nice.  ((Thank you)).  And it invites more openness, more willingness and desire to experience the More.

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