You are AFRAID of redemption, and you believe it will kill you ~~ Raj; August 12, 2006
William Daniels
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Subject: WOW. Thank you Zane!

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 This certainly says it for me.


    Recognizing and acknowledging

    the immediacy, the extent, the depth

    of anger and fury and hostility and viciousness,

    leading up to my campaign to find and kill God

    ....oh and then dishonesty and hypocrisy,

    that I have available and have engaged in,

    has been:

    surprising, humbling, accurate, and eventually



This experience took place from approximately 1999 thru approximately 2006. Not sure exactly.

The part I am sure about is how freeing it turned out to be.

For years, I have recommended that everyone be willing to discover this.

The experience was sometimes rigorous and very intense.


The sense of freedom, that I now experience was worth it.


    I Love you,




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