To (and about) Pamela Parnell and Sun~Rose ........
William Daniels
Posted 2020-11-16 3:53 PM (#241200)
Subject: To (and about) Pamela Parnell and Sun~Rose ........

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Dear Pamela and Sun~Rose,


I have been facilitating an ACIM study group since 2000. Since 2005, we are mostly Raj based. This is the group that has now met on Zoom for 34 weeks on Wednesday evenings .....the one that I post here on TGP.

And since 2005, a large portion of what we have studied, and discussed, and practiced has been from material that the two of you have posted here on TGP.

Thank you so much for all that you both have done, that has contributed to us!!!!!

I suspect that many others have felt contributed to, also!


I Love you,





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