Miracle happening?
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Subject: RE: Love heals ...


Love heals.  Yes.

I feel that.  

It was your loving me, that moment in time a thread or two ago when I expressed, shared, my momentary inability to grasp the meaning of one individual being absolutely essential to God. That time when I got the metaphor of the Apple and it’s wholeness.  You were moved to draw a card for me and the universe continues to provide me with evidence, experiential evidence of the Truth.  It was awareness of your Love, care, which opened me to Curiosity.  In the presence of love one feels safe enough to peek out from one’s “tent”. And so one becomes more aware.

Now here again.  I am believing that when it is any particular one’s  turn to verbalize, we do so drawing from the Silence that everyone has offered to the Whole. 

Thank you for your recognition of me, Orinda.  It has particular meaning  for me this morning.   In the early quiet today I had a deeper awareness of being an Idea in the mind of God. I had a sense of it, I savored it like tasting something.  And it dawned on me too that the change of heart we were talking about before has to do with changing from body identification to Mind identification.  ?? 


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