Miracle happening?
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William - the mantra I've used so many times and seems to keep me in the NOW where the miracle happens which is really as we know just the truth about us - is "I Choose peace" ...not something that is like a repetitive mantra without the knowing behind it but Choosing Peace as often as you can up to the time you would be leaving for the hospital - choosing it and knowing WHY you choose it.

I was unconscious with the bad type of bacterial meningitis in 2011 and when i became aware of what was around me and that i was in the hospital the thought kept coming to choose peace. I was so far gone that when i left the hospital (surprising the staff on the floor and they where shocked by my healing) four days later , I had asked the doctor what to expect as I continued to heal (from some minor residuals) and he said he had no idea because no one in his practice (Infectious disease specialist) had survived at the point I had come in.

So I want to also be inspired by your reporting back about your miracle.

As all of us know from the Course - there isn't a thing wrong with us and by choosing peace the fear can't get in that tells us otherwise.

I Choose Peace every day as often as it comes to mind and I can't even keep track of what seems like miracles happening all the time - from little ones that make me laugh to ones that take away my fear and show me what's really happening.

Choosing Peace for you because of the Truth about us, how can it be otherwise.

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