The power of prayer in community is a blessing!
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Subject: "The spell needs to be broken!"


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oh Barbara, this is showing up (from you) like an echo of the movement that's happening in me... hope to say more about it later today ... for now just so hope filled to see the connection between what you're feeling/saying in these most recent posts and what i'm hearing from Teacher about the (new) Meaning of things as they're appearing in my awareness now ... like Fred (the fly) ... see/learned this morning, that he is here to facilitate the arising of a renewed passion for, *NEW* LIFE ... in me,  an increased commitment to the manifestation of Truth ... for seeing/experiencing all of what Raj has been saying through the 25 years listening to him.
... for now ... just had to say how happy to feel our togetherness in It ... our being joined here ... reminding that "heaven is entered two by two" ... and how very blessed this community around Raj and the Course.

[quote from your post:

What I’m getting is that my conviction was absolute. Here is what Raj posted in “Threshold Living” on September 28.

“The spell needs to be broken! That is the legitimate need. Which means that the Fulfillment of that need, which is inseparable from the need, is equal to it! Are you watching to see the further and further evidence of inequity, or are you expecting undeserved Equity, because that’s the only kind there is?

If you are not spellbound, you will naturally let your presence of Mind be as large as the Fulfillment which is inseparable from the need, and without introducing doubt, fear, blame, judgment or guilt, the indivisibility of “need” and “need met” will be experienced, and balance will reappear.”

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