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Subject: All of our fears...Are a call for LOVE!


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Zane - 2020-10-19 3:57 AM
All of our fears…
Are a call for LOVE!

appreciate that timely reminder, Zane ... ties in meaningfully with an experience this morning when i found myself 'thinking' i knew how wrong another's response to something happening ... how her ways of looking at it 'positively' were so unrealistic, like controlling her reality in a 'positive' way ... down 'right' annoying!   but as i stood there mouthing defenses for how i was seeing it ... noticed the little annoyance take on a full blown energy of SEPARATION ... with all it's sensations of fear/hate and defense  ... 
... so i guess it was that that moved her away from the scene ... leaving me to come face to face with the awful feeling demanding my attention ... but then Fred (our house fly visitor) showed up  ... buzzed around my 'thinking' head a few times and i couldn't refuse his invitation to ask for help/clarity ... i did, and got immediate answer/clarity and relief from the awful contraction and disconnect ... and soon after (as we revisited the incident from a place of wanting ONLY peace/love for both of us) thankfully,  a return to harmony and peace.
... so yes, it's true;

"It will be given you to see your brother's worth when all you want for him is peace. And what you want for him you will receive." (t,435) 2nd edition

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