Conversation with Raj
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And in follow up to Raj's talk through Paul, I felt these words:
- All of creation speaks as one voice to you, each of you, whether you sense that it is coming from Me (Raj), or another Guide, or your Holy Spirit, or from God directly. It is one Voice. And we will do whatever it takes to get through to you, whether it is formally, as Raj speaks with Paul, or an informal conversation, or a little nudge at just the right time. The need when speaking with any of you is to minimize fear so we can get through to you and be heard. We come in the quiet, gentle recesses of your mind, those who are even a little willing to hear us. The need for hearing now is great. We want you to feel comfortable with being yourselves with us, with nothing held back, even your fears, when interacting with us and each other. We Love you immensely. We Value each of you for What You Are.

Hope this helps.

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