Sight and Soul TREATS for EVERYONE!
Posted 2020-08-22 7:14 AM (#237869)
Subject: Sight and Soul TREATS for EVERYONE!


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... well, to start with, all i can say is ...  i've never before had such clear and immediate evidence that we get what we ask for ... and that truth is what this message is all about ...
... as you'll see here in the video house-mate shared with me this morning ... the photography and video work, her Answer to how to be meaningfully present and involved in community at this time ... which looks like what you'll see in the 50 minute video of uncovering and witnessing Love and Beauty in all It's glorious simplicity of form as a shore line small fishing community about an hour's drive from where we live in the city. 
...  for my part, turned out to be the first evidence of Answer to my waking question ... 'what would it mean to let God have a more peaceful relationship with everyone and everything in my experience today?'

... and see now it continues to Answer and delight with the idea that i can share it here with you so WE can enjoy it together!   ... THANK YOU Mother nature, nature bathers; Dominique & Kim ... and the whole Cape Broyle community for Being the Love and Beauty You Are ... 
... ps. to capture the full visual effect we watched it on a tv screen.

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