Raj Audio 05/17/15 Attraction to death ( I think )
Posted 2020-06-21 12:39 PM (#237153)
Subject: Raj Audio 05/17/15 Attraction to death ( I think )


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I was listening to this coming home the other day and although I had heard it before it registered with me in a whole new way.
When I got home and came in the house I was still feeling inspired and my oldest daughter noticed right away.
She stopped and starred at me. She commented about how I looked different and then said, "Mom looks BEAUTIFUL!"
Awwww. Too bad I couldn't "hold on to it".
I had been moved to share the inspiration with some other people as well and I didn't. I was afraid (blah) that the people I would share with wouldn't feel the inspiration as I did or that they would be ridiculed for the new outlook.

At least I still remember the Truth and am grateful of being reminded of it. I would LOVE to get off the fence and embrace the Truth wholly and stop worrying about what other people think.
I love you, God!
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