"Brotherhood needs to be the foundation of everyone’s behavior."
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Subject: RE: "Brotherhood needs to be the foundation of everyone’s behavior."


Thanks for sharing, Zane.

 It has been a few days now since you posted this and I thought there was no need for me to share what came up for me.  I just used past tense in the  previous sentence and the truth is,  it is still a live, in the moment need for me to bring up what does come up for me.

Foremost, Brotherhood, yes, absolutely yes.

 Then there is the realization that those who are decked out in heavy defense, bring that, defense, to my attention.  When the photo is amplified one can see the beloved faces of the two individuals inside their enclosures.  They are my brothers!   

I have been moved to asking how it is that in addition to saying no to something that doesn’t work (force) one can reach that part inside the the whole heavy uniform setup, and through the whole belief system that makes the forceful and defensive outlook seem warranted, how to reach beyond that into the heart that needs healing.  

 This has been my prayer and it has become my need.


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