Sharing from ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting - : 2020-05-27
Posted 2020-05-28 5:03 AM (#236681)
Subject: Sharing from ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting - : 2020-05-27



The thought which was shared last night about our sharing, there in the group, about any particular need we felt we had, because sharing there in that environment of faith and love that brought us together in the first place, made it certain that the need would be met, surprised me this morning.

 I wasn’t aware of any need I had that I wanted to bring up, so I didn’t say anything more than my desire to have others’ needs met, but this morning... hallelujah! It came to my awareness that I do have a need.  And I realized too that this need, this desire I’ve had, isn’t just something I would like, it is Fathers will.  That was, has been a surprise.   So not only have my eyes been opened as to Fathers’ will for me and the next steps for me to take, but I’ve also been surprised that this has come up so clearly for me when I said not a word and had not a thought about this.

 So, wow!  I am grateful for that suggestion last night and grateful again for finding such clear answer to my need this morning.  AND, wow, I’m excited about everyone’s particular need being met as well.


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