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Posted 2020-04-14 7:59 AM (#235699 - in reply to #235690)
Subject: my right hand wants to write and say THANK YOU ...


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... Barbara! ... for everything ... but most important today ... for being right up there as part of our healing team here on earth ... healing that's allowed release from the cast ... and a very good closure report from the doctor this morning.
... so many wonderful encounters all along the way ... others just like myself , at this time helpless to do anything by our selves ... and this morning even one that remembered me from the other hospital ... with both of us masked ... she remembered my eyes and how we talked like long lost friends instead of patients at a hospital ... my heart so went out to her as the caregiver of an elder mother without the use of her right hand ... and now today our holy encounter continued with even a little prayer that said something about the secret to our own healing is to want it for another equally ... loving your friend as yourself ... 
... thanks again for being here for me ... didn't realize how much i needed what you have to give ... and gave (())
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