Might be a very good time to share what we have learned from Raj...?
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Subject: William you asked if we should be seeing more results...


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Shifting from ME to WE consciousness is a very significant result.  I feel that some of us have happened upon it in the way we have, through spiritual teachings, others through other venues.  I see a ripple of this consciousness shift going around the planet from what I see on Social Media.  Unity like never before. 

 Because what I've called God is just WE.  We the people, we the animals, we the trees and flowers and fruits and insects and on and on and on.  We the planets and we the stars.  An interconnected fabric of BEing.  That WEness is a powerful shift. 

The global pandemic is calling attention to the fact of connection on the planet.  The gap between what I can think is happening to a neighbor in another country and what is happening on my street has closed very quickly.  And the love and care we must mobilize to help others is inspiring this.  

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