make this your prayer! (thanks Barbara)
Posted 2020-03-25 12:07 PM (#235362)
Subject: make this your prayer! (thanks Barbara)


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after being with the meaning found in the [the nonmateriality of matter] you posted a bit down the page ...

... here now to say thanks for the peace and clarity of my new prayer ...

"I would like to have the experience of the Meaning God intended and intends in His Idea that I am the presence of, and the Ideas that my body is the presence of." That’s your prayer. That’s the way you open the door to glorify God. And when you constantly remind yourself that there is nothing existing that has the capacity to block what God is being, because there isn’t any matter, you will be able to minimize the justifications you have as to why instantaneous healing can’t happen. And you will begin to glorify God in your very presence without saying a single spiritual word.

ps ... and thanks to the rarely seen small pure black and white (clarity messenger) bird that came to visit while i sat letting the current Meaning for that message register ... ((thanks Everyone!))


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