Dear Raj, Paul, Susan ......Request
William Daniels
Posted 2020-03-26 11:31 AM (#235388 - in reply to #235360)
Subject: YES! YES! YES! I have a need .....don't we all?


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Thank you so much for your question!!

It made me realize that I have a need! I need to hear from a Divine Source .....continuously.

I check in here at TGP multiple times per day. I desire daily support from Raj. I desire support in ending sin, disease and death NOW ....for ALL of

us. Given what's happening now with humans all around Planet Earth, I wonder how much more extreme the conditions need to get before more of

us will call for help. For many years I have considered ACIM and Raj the most advanced spiritual teachings on Earth (that I am aware of). Shouldn't

we be exhibiting more results?

Raj has been saying for some time now, that we are needy, always will be, shouldn't resist it, and to ask for having our needs fulfilled.

I'm asking!!!

I hope lots more of us will ask also!!!

I love you,

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