Raj excerpt ~ 8/1/2009
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Subject: Re: Raj excerpt ~ 8/1/2009

Hi Pam, 

    Sorry for the confusion. I could have communicated better about this. William brought to attention that the word "for" in the transcript seemed like a spelling error. When I first read the transcript, I also thought that the intent of the word was "from" since that is what made sense to me in the sentence. I went back and listened to the audio, and it did say "for", so the original transcript was completely accurate with the audio.

     I meant to ask you to check with Raj/Paul in regard to whether the word was intended to be "for" or "from", but then mistakenly went ahead and changed the spelling in my excerpt without having first posed the question to you. So the change in spelling came from me, and I can (will) change it back in the excerpt so it reflects the original audio and transcript, as it should, and separately pose the question here as to whether you can ask Raj/Paul which word was intended.

     Below is the original text, with the word "for" highlighted by me so that the word in question can be seen in context.  

[What you need to understand as we’re reading all of this is, that you’re engaged in a process of abandoning illusions for Reality—for a distorted experience of Being, to a clear minded divine experience of Creation in the middle of Creation happening, in which you are no more separated from It All than God is, nor are you any less aware of It in all of Its infinite detail and variety than God is, where you will sit at the threshold of the unexpected and not be ill-at-ease because you’re out of control, not be ill-at-ease because you haven’t designed, consciously designed, the next moment in all of its infiniteness. ] 

Thank you, Pam!


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