with so much thanks to Patricia Pearce and George Lakey ...
Posted 2020-02-27 7:10 AM (#235044)
Subject: with so much thanks to Patricia Pearce and George Lakey ...


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... well, all i can say is ...  finding this in my mail today was like (?) ... no words come to describe it ... hear only, 'just share it'  ... gratefully! 

Dear ...

As you probably know, at the beginning of January I suspended my weekly podcast for awhile.

But I've really been thinking a lot lately about George Lakey, who is a Quaker and well known expert in nonviolent direct action. I wanted to talk to him about the present political and cultural situation we are in, and about the possibilities we have now to make profound societal changes through nonviolent means.

I had a chance to interview George last week, and I'm pleased to be able to share our conversation with you on my podcast.

You can listen to Nonviolence and Possibilities in Times of Polarization—with George Lakey on the podcast page of my website.  (And yes, there is a written transcript available on the podcast page as well!)

See you there. . .

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