a warm sunday morning hello ...
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Subject: your lovely message ...


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[[Hello back to you, Orinda.  Good to see you here.  Nature feels very grounding these days.  Day after day, the birds sing and the plants grow.  It's a stillness that's always there.  (thanks for the reminder in the Melbourne except you posted)  To look at the sky and the clouds, it's a joy.  Peace to you too...and all here. ]]

...your lovely message connected and grounded us in the ways that are meaningful ... speaking directly to my heart and need today, Judy! thank you.
...  glad too for the reminder to revisit the Melbourne excerpt ... relate especially there to how Raj talks about 'feeling our way back into the Kingdom of Heaven' ... as a 'wonderful, grounded, peaceful motivation to move forward and embrace it' ... something unexpected for me relative to grounding and peace is the importance of the birds contribution in my daily experience ... like today,  two sparrows standing perfectly still until i noticed a need to sit in quiet for a few minutes ... like holding the space and invitation for me to come join... and that reminds me now of a book ... return of the bird tribes ... must go have a look and see what that was about.
... look forward to our connecting here together again soon, with love, O
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