What are you teaching?
Posted 2019-12-28 9:18 AM (#233527)
Subject: What are you teaching?


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... this morning, while sitting with the birds ... watching the snow fall softly ... wondered what REALLY is this day, this moment about ... like what am i learning (or at least open to learn) ... glancing then at the miracles card on the table ... ("everything you teach you are learning...) ...  i 'hear', what are you teaching?

well, to be honest, given how lonely i'm feeling these days ... i'd like to be learning that i'm not alone ... that there are others in this place or condition described in  The Bottom of the Barrel  ...  others 'here' to be with, support each other ... (???) and then it hit me ... so there it is, the blazingly clear CONDITION i've placed on being here fully today for who or what ever shows up ... here at the bottom of the barrel ... to teach (and by teaching learn) that Love is Ours ... and WE ARE LOVE ...

((thanks for listening))

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