There Is Always An Answer!
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Subject: RE: every moment the perfect opportunity to become unbound and free (of illusions)



 Good morning, Orinda and All.

I haven't read your post yet but I want to share the unfolding that has come up for me up until this moment when I came to tgp. 


yesterday was a full day for me, and a trying one too.  This morning I awoke to hear the answer to a great need for me, need which registered last night.  Father embraced me in His peace and I slept well and have been sharing this morning in the two step with another so that our need for clarity and joy be met.  So, I've been engaged in this manner for about the last 2/3 hrs.  It has been a God send to have more than myself to think about.  It has helped me stay balanced and focused on Father and on Truth, instead of feeling very down because of my personal need and the need in general here.  Ok.  So that particular involvement of this morning has come to a pause and even just at the beginning of this pause I noticed the tendency to let myself be taken over by the sense of hopeless of my particular need, need for awakening.  i call it that because it involves quite a bit, if not a lot, of my daily experience as far as I can remember it for a while now.

So then, as i stood there, asking, reaching out to the best of my ability, you came to mind.  And with that came the question in me somewhere that kept saying.... what did you say?..... and then again, more quietly but directly.... what did you say Orinda?   and as i listened to get the  drift of this it dawned on me that maybe you said something.... laughing at this now, it sounds so silly... buy hey... anyway.... a light went on and I thought, oh, maybe you DID say something... and the only place I know that you'd say something where i could access it was on tgp... so .... happy so see you said something.... now I'm going to go see WHAT you said.... Thank you for being here.   

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