July 6, 2008 Raj
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Haha, Raj,  I just saw  that you posted, "There is always an answer"(looking forward to being with you on that)!!!  What fun!  I just came to share something about that just about now.  Maybe I was listening for it while Paul was listening too.  Here is what I came to share.

I've had a change of mind about the idea of finding something.  I thought I found something, which I was excited to share, when i came upon the July 6 transcript., but using that word, "find" feels like a miss-representation because  when I leaned into the clarity that I felt was trying to manifest in/for me, the urge to check out this date felt very specific and clear, very natural.


In the past I used to refer to finding something which I had no clue about where to look for it or how to get it, as a  process of hope and luck.  I had no awareness of anything guiding me and I did not have a sense of knowing, just hope. 

But now, in my increased ability to be aware in  Stillness,  I am recognizing more and more  my participation in it all.  I notice my need (which feels more like a specific universal invitation for me to notice and embrace) and I am noticing more immediately as well,  how my response can be, right in the moment, THE (kind of) response I can have that makes the Answer more like a place of leaning and resting into... and when I continue to be aware, this place of Answer becomes the environment, shall I say, wherein the need becomes fulfillment. 

It is all so simple.  I suppose we were, i was, carried away in the excitement of something 'else' that I forgot to pay attention, but I sure am enjoying Remembering, Seeing all this Again.... what a relief... it's like I can see my destination, Home, ... there is no more 'just hoping'.  

Love You lots,  thank you.  


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