on Reflecting Heaven Here ...
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Subject: RE: on Reflecting Heaven Here ...


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roxana - 2019-12-11 1:19 PM

Yeah, I like it!  I've always enjoyed cleaning, maybe that's why. 

So goood to see you here,  ((O)). 

oh me too, dear B ... feels so good (and necessary!) .. our connecting and togetherness here now ... 
... i say necessary as, as of late i'm experiencing a REAL need for what feels like an AA kind of support group ... being with, having companions who are also dedicated now to letting the 'personal' will fall away ...(doing the work Raj is leading in that 2008/7/27 talk) ... i've been meaning to say something about this, to reach out for awhile now ... so here's to opening the door and trusting the need will find it's perfect response ... 
... i see you! O
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