I had SO MUCH fun!!
Posted 2019-12-11 10:40 AM (#233337 - in reply to #233336)
Subject: RE: I had SO MUCH fun!!


oh thank you! and you are so welcome!  it is really lovely to be in conversation with you.  I am so grateful that we can share of things which have meaning to us, meaning that holds us all together and nurtures us through times of too much crying, or sadness, or loneliness, or just plain blah.

I keep noticing and enjoying your gift of words, Orinda.  Just a little while back you enlivened my day and subsequent ones too, with your sharing about a new light going on.  And now you share about the FULL meaning of Love.  And again!  Bingo!  Those were the words I was needing.  I had this feeling all along that there was something of importance in that meeting and in the continued clarity this morning. 

i remembered that just a few days ago, someone from Seattle visiting here, said that Seattle is becoming a hang-out place for the homeless. There is evidence of many there in spite of all the organizations working in programs designed to help stop homelessness.   And in contrast to that memory, there is the feeling, full of meaning,  in the man's eyes.

And that is It!  LOVE.  That is what was in his eyes.  That is what I felt Father's message is:  LOVE! (verb).   

As you said so well,  heart to heart, you, I, all of us. 


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