Gratitude... discovering
Posted 2019-12-02 8:54 AM (#233225)
Subject: Gratitude... discovering


[... you haven’t discovered the benefit of a little bit of, we’ll say, exercise in which you find out you have capacities that you didn’t know you had. ] Raj, ... Frontier..

Hello Everyone,


I have been letting in and being with the experience of our recent togetherness here, our intentional Real togetherness. And i have been letting the meaning(s) register more deeply.  And i am finding new doorways opening too.


One thing which has come to my attention often, very quietly, and I want to share it here, is the awareness that Paul and Susan's needs have also been met during that time of our togetherness. 


Before that I had often wondered what the need was that needed attention, the need which we recognize as bills or money.  And i couldn't get an answer.  But now it feels like the Answers are there.  I also recognize that they have actually been there for a while, that I've noticed them for a while but I couldn't believe them or I couldn't come to a place of acceptance.


Before our time together and before Paul and Susan's needs being met,  I noticed only the need for answers.  Answers to questions which had been there for a while. That is how I had been interpreting my experience and it was an experience of lack. But I feel it is important to point out that during our focused time together, theirs, as well as mine (ours) for community, were being met in our sharing, and the need for balance in finances was also happening. 


Now I am experiencing a change in me... I am noticing a greater readiness to take my/The Quiet (or the Kingdom of Heaven) more seriously, more Real.  I am feeling the meaning of the fact that the Answers, the "Frontier" is Here, and it is I who needs to change in order to enjoy It and Share It.  But, thanking God, it is not an extraordinary change (an idea which is what had made the change impossible for me before) that is needed.  

There is another thing which I feel has become clear.  I had posted  in "something more to share"  the idea that it may be important to notice the changes we go through in our maturing.  My idea was that in noticing and in sharing these changes, we wouldn't feel alone in them because i feel the certainty that we all change.  And in not feeling alone in them we wouldn't be tempted to think of the changes as personally and singularly unique to each one, which would just be another version of independence.  

I feel Raj was very emphatic about the fact that what needs to be noticed, highlighted,  are the facts that  come to attention regarding our awakening, meaning,  the facts of our togetherness, our Oneness, the fact of our, each one of us,  already being All That We Are,  and the fact that in recognizing and exercising this behavior,  the effects of the clarity of this, the clarity of this fact,  will become more and more evident EVERYWHERE.  So it is not a personally exclusive thing which is happening.  To the contrary.  Like in business and in any other area,  our joined intention to witness to the Truth  (in whatever measure) in our own lives, is what makes more readily available to all, the factual experiences needed in order for all and each one to be able to make a new decision about what our living means and what it is for. 


Again, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this movement of clarification for me.  It is very obvious I did not come to this clarity by myself, but I needed the Best, the Holiness of each one, the Holy Spirit in/as each one in order for my little flame to grow big enough so i could FEEL it and also say, together with all,  oh, This Is The Father, This is the truth about every one, and forget my personal sense of inconsequential existence.



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