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Posted 2019-11-27 9:49 AM (#232910 - in reply to #232893)
Subject: "the mind that is reading this newsletter IS already the mind of God."


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... hearing it said like that kind of stunned me too, Judy ... and feeling the truth of it ... decided to use as a contemplation with Spirit to help with more peace and a better night's rest ...
... lying there pondering how my mind is actually the Mind of God seemed surprisingly natural for 'me' ... but then another surprise came with a great depth of sadness .. realizing how i don't see that as true for others ... how i can think the thought ... we are all of one mind in the Mind of God ... and such a painful loss it felt in the moment NOT to experience that as true!
... so i guess that's what brought about the longing ... and for a moment there i was even able to imagine how truly wonderful life,  normal, everyday life would be if we all experienced ourselves being out from the Mind of God ...
... now the next happening is difficult to describe;  suddenly i was looking/feeling into the mind of someone passed ... who happens to be my greatest experience of feeling loved  ... and felt OUR shared awareness of being the Expression of God/Whole Mind ... as real as anything can be ... but that's where it ended ... and while i could imagine it was my 'mind running off' to see if i had this with others that seemed to close the blinds on the revelation ... in this moment can see how that glimpse of Our Reality ... for me proves it's reality and will serve to increase the desire to have more of It ...

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