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Subject: "if there's anything going on here at all it has to be the Presence of God identifying fulfillment."


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... like you in that beautiful example ... i too have stumbled? onto a way of using my mind in the moment of seeing an untrue thought has entered and taken hold as a destructive feeling or sensation in the body ... immediately upon noticing now ... whether it be a sudden pain, the tingling beginning of a cold sore, or any other sign of a 'thought attack' on the body ... stop everything to bring Truth to It's aide ... by automatically (now, it wasn't at first) moving into awareness of the holy instant (or as Raj calls it, 'answering from Home' ) and responding ... "if there is ANYTHING here, or going on here at all ... then it has to be, can ONLY be, the Presence of God identifying fulfillment! ... need met, end of problem.

... now what that does, in my experience, feels like witnessing for the Truth of whatever is being threatened ... like befriending the part of the body affected, by joining with Holy Spirit (or Raj) on behalf of it's inviolability as 'the Presence of God identifying fulfillment' ...  

... gosh, see i've made that sound kind of involved or complicated, but it really is quite a simple, first nature response now ...  so here's hoping more of us will take up the practice and, who knows, in no time at all, we'll have another "100 monkey" revelation story to write Home about
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