A testimony
Posted 2019-11-25 11:12 AM (#232864)
Subject: A testimony


In July, I was going through my closet, selecting clothes to donate to a local charity thrift store because the clothes were so crammed together in the small closet that it was unmanageable.

As I pulled out clothes for the donation pile, I came across a pair of like-new jeans that I had not seen in years. I thought they might be too small but wanted to try them on before deciding to donate them. I had to really squeeze into them, forcing the zipper up, and finally admitting that they were way too tight. I put them in the donation pile, and a few minutes later began to experience severe pain on one side of my lower back, pelvis, and hip area.  

I was a bit exasperated with myself, thinking that I should have known better than to try to force myself into those jeans as soon as it seemed like they might be too small. The lower back and hip pain was so severe that in order to walk I had to lean forward and to the left and limp, albeit still in pain, but by any other way it was impossible to walk at all. I could sit, but as soon as I stood up and walked, the pain was still severe.

After about an hour of painfully walking around the house to do tasks that needed to be done that day in preparation for a trip the next day, I suddenly stopped and the thought came that “I can pray about this.” Then the thought came that “I cannot be harmed while doing good. *

I was willing to give prayer a try. I had no expectations. I had a a kind of light-hearted willingness to go along with it. What did I have to lose? 

I started contemplating the idea that “I cannot be harmed while doing good”, and then my attention went to my activity to donate clothes — which was for good purpose. It came up that there was good for everyone — for me, the charity, and the customers who would buy the clothes. Then each of those pieces surfaced one at a time, and I examined each one, letting the good be shown and seen, and then the next piece would come to mind to be examined. 

One at a time, seemingly like looking at each piece like a ball rotating around and showing all the good. Hard to describe but it had that sense to it.

So my attention continue to cycle on looking on what was coming to mind as it kept revealing that by removing clothes from my closet, I was gaining needed closet space and obtaining clothes to donate to a local charity. I let that stay in my mind and felt all the aspects of good that filled my mind about that. Then moved on to seeing all the good for the thrift store and how the money from the sale of the donated clothes would bless the charity. I let that roll around in mind until it seemed like time to move on. Next, I was focused on the good that would come to the customers who would get like-new clothes at a great bargain price. 


During this time, I never thought about the injury, pain or even asking (or the familiar pleading) for healing. That never entered my mind. 

After what seemed about 10 minutes of quietly contemplating this, it felt like that “prayer time” was completed and it was time to stand up.

I stood up and felt absolutely no pain. I humbly thanked God, but I had not taken a step yet. So I slowly began to walk and there was no pain, no need to contort to the side. I was walking as if the injury had never happened. I continued to walk and there was complete healing. I was and am so grateful and  wanted to share and witness to it. 

*After this healing, I remembered having read a quote by Mark Baker Eddy in “Science and Health” that was similar to what had come to mind after I suddenly said that I could pray about this. I looked it up. It was on page 387 “…one cannot suffer as the result of any labor of love…

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