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William: [Also: Raj says death is not necessary. Then today: "....leaving it all behind ...." sounds like death ....abandoning/losing everyone and everything l hold dear.]
Hi William,

   This came to mind as I read your posting and how your sincere desire comes through in your questions. A desire we share.

"Nothing real can be threatened.

   Nothing unreal exists.

   Herein lies the peace of God."
   You are real and so is everyone you hold dear. We are not asked to love less but to let go of the perceived limits to loving God and our neighbor as ourself. From where I see it right now, we leave behind misperceptions, false beliefs, mutually agreed upon definitions, all that is not and never was real. But what is real -- all of God's Creation -- is never lost from the Kingdom of Heaven and so also can never be apart from you. From the perspective of Self and true Vision, giving up what is not real is not a loss. Taking off the colored glasses that block Vision will reveal more of the brilliant Light of everyone and everything we hold dear.
    I know you are aware of this but your posting prompted me to share it.
Love, Lynn

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