Love and Its Inspiration
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Subject: RE: Love and Its Inspiration


"CARING becomes the only thing available to be the real mover of things!"


"The Gift that transforms must replace the discouragement which immobilizes the good, the valuable, and the truly meaningful. " 

I am very grateful to brothers and sisters here and abroad who make it possible for Paul and Susan to continue in their work. 

Thank you! 

I also want to add that I have received Gifts of caring that have indeed transformed my discouragement.  They have come from unexpected places.   

At the Deli check out the cashier took a coffee cup and placed very deliberately on the counter in front of me.  I had not said a word, not even 'hello' since she was not quite yet done with the customer in front of me.  When it was my turn,  I looked at her and asked if that cup was for me, she confirmed that it was.  I asked her if she always read minds that well.

Later, after coming out of a salon where I had had my hair trimmed,  a pedestrian walking by smiled and said I looked good with my haircut.

When I got home I followed through on watching a documentary which had been recommended and I have found in it so much encouragement for working through a difficult situation


All these indications of our Caring have made me happy today and they are contributing to replacing the discouragement I had been feeling. 

In Gratitude,


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