a Happy moment
Posted 2019-10-16 4:07 AM (#232522)
Subject: a Happy moment


The last couple of weeks and particular this last weekend have been very busy for me and so during the last few days I haven't gotten much sleep.

Last night for instance I got about four hours of sleep.  I'd gone to bed a couple of hours after a small supper; it was almost just a snack and supper was supposed to be later but I was too tired then to have an appetite or even to have the energy to put together something palatable. So I lay down for a few to rest and found myself reaching out to reconnect with more conscious awareness than what the activity of the day had brought to attention. After a while of doing this I got sleepy and called it a day. 

Four hours later it was potty break time and after that I couldn't go back to sleep so I lay there, patiently, and the more allowing I was of how things were, the more awake I've become.  Still, there was no move to get up.  It was, after all,  not yet four a.m.,  but then I noticed the hunger, and then in addition to that, I realized that if I got up now at this hour when everyone was still asleep,  I wouldn't be all alone because friends on the other coast would probably be up and about, and so I could communicate with them if I wanted to. 

That is when the Happy thought came to mind.  Not everyone is always sleeping and I don't have to limit myself to my time zone. 

That Happy thought may sound inconsequential but, for me, it feels  divine.  It brings to mind that we are never alone, never awake all by ourselves.  There is always someone that is also awake with whom one is able to connect with. 

I like that this realization brings that spiritual idea of "you are never alone" into the context of our daily living. 

I also like the awareness that there are others who on the strength of their conviction about the Truth, have provided others like myself, with tools like the internet or telephones so that we can continue to feel our oneness and our connection world wide in spite of ideas of limitation because of distance and time (zones).

Let us all enjoy a beautiful day in which our further joyful awakening embraces us all.   



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