*he who holds his brother's hand ...
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... as it seems to work better thought to pass it on  ... and share how i got to dance and sing it with a sister and brother visitor this morning ... we all had tears and smiles ... there seems to be something very moving going on in that whole embrace ... oh and, for anyone having difficulty with the word meaning of fight ... as in the lyrics,  i will fight for you ... we changed it to * i will Right for you* as in, i will be in/of Right Mind for you ... anyway that works without changing the rhyme ... and (with thanks to Lynn for the idea) i'm also happy to suggest it as the opening/theme song for a little group that seems to be forming around a community need for women (and hopefully men too) feeling down for one reason or another and in need of a safe place and companions dedicated to *showing up for each other* ... actually that's to be the group name ... with a meeting right here (my house) this evening to plan it's introduction ...  so yes absolutely, some very good things are happening today ... with Love's blessing, 
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