*he who holds his brother's hand ...
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That song (and group sing) speaks right to the heart. It's wonderful to see children being exposed to this, singing this together. It looked like they were really into it. To me, it feels like a song that could be a prayer to sing at the beginning of the day or at a group gathering, bringing our purpose to mind. Where does my real joy come from, if not from what is described in that song. Such a simple reminder of what we are here to do. The Atonement. Thank you, Orinda, for sharing this. It made a big impression on me. 

I've been unable to type with two hands for about six months due to back-to-back hand injuries, so only typed some short things during this period because one-handed typing (with non-dominant hand) was difficult. But I've been reading posts and grateful for the "helping hands" offered by those who have posted. I did buy two books discussed by you and Fran, as they seemed compelling after investigating. I have not had time to read them yet but appreciated getting the suggestions. I do have a testimony I want to share but was waiting until I could type with two hands. I'll see if I can share it soon.  

Love, Lynn


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