"... we will keep on doing it until they listen ..."
Posted 2019-09-28 8:43 AM (#232420 - in reply to #232417)
Subject: Being ...the opening for a Holy Instant


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((lovely to see you here today, Lynn))

yes, for some reason i'm very taken with/into this movement of youth and how quickly they are uniting around the globe ... spent most of yesterday just being with it ... feeling into and enjoying the Meaning given ... 
... indeed, huge turnouts across the country  ... wonderful to see something get the [let's join together to meet the need] attention of the masses like that ...

for me it has the feeling of what i've come to recognize (from experiences like the healing miracle of the roof) as being miracle ready ... and now there it is, the answer to 'what is my part, what do i contribute'? asked this morning ...

yes, yes, yes! ...thank You ...joined then,  with all the others who make up the Container, the space that allows for the opening into a Holy Instant ... where there are no order of difficulties ... and the healing of an entire planet can happen with the same grace and ease we experienced with the roof ... (amen)
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