I love you, Fran
Posted 2019-09-22 6:06 AM (#232389)
Subject: I love you, Fran


I've been thinking about you and some of your more recent words, some of them referring to you changing form and my response to that, something about how the change we can expect is the realization that we were never anything but perfect, even if we don't see it that way now. 

I found myself feeling happy for a few moments yesterday when I saw my daughter bagging some of mom's clothing.  I was relieved for mom's lack of need for clothing and self care of the kind we 'do here'. At least that is how I see/feel it.  And it made me realize that I'd appreciate that for myself as well.  And so I was able to just rest from all the sense of strain of this condition which befalls us here, us 'separated ones'; the ones in the illusion that we are separated from God, our Source.  And to boot, letting myself rest in this way, with mom, brought to mind a deeper understanding of some parts of that quote that talks about "when you make the above as the below,....and the male and female as one (I don't recall the exact words)...."

It dawned on me that those are opposites, and the part about 'making' must refer to what we do in our mind with what appears to be opposites.  That is a pretty good clue for me of how to find rest and enjoy the peace of understanding....and it is coming out the fullness of feeling appreciation for you and your down to earth groundedness and goodness.

And maybe this 'making' equal is the meaning of what forgiveness is.

Wishing us all a good Sunday, B 




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