"Love the Light."
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Subject: Re: "Love the Light." Aha moments as we walk each other home


Your sharing somehow made it possible for me to comprehend the breadth of the thought that we are masters (as Raj has said) and so the images which we create, the images which accompany the experience/reality of our choosing which we each dwell in, goes in hand with my observation that as we ask, so do we receive.  And yes,  often we say we did/do get what we don't want, but if we look really closely, we will notice this isn't the case.

I was blessed, not long ago, with the opportunity to see, Know, notice, that my/our daily living consciousness here, in what we refer to as human beings on planet earth, is but one small point of experience in a vastness, an infinitude of opportunity for experience. This experience highlighted the infinitude of Being. The point was not that this earthly experience is insignificant or not real, the point was/is that this earthly experience is only a part of the infinitude of God, the infinitude of our Being. 

Thank you All.

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