"Love the Light."
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Subject: Re: "Love the Light."


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Loving the thread...thanks to you all.

And for me, I found awhile back that a simple "Thank you Father" reminded me of all that I needed to know in the moment and that to do it as often as possible brought a more "visible and tangible" truth that God is All That Is, ...myself and all that I look upon. In fact, the very scene (seen) before my awareness is beautiful in All Ways. I also learned that in the split mind we see but images we have thought to be the scope of ourselves and so we live in ... our imagine-ings and ...in image if we choose the ego over truth. One time I contemplated the idea of images as mirages and then I played with it and mirages became "Mi Rages". That really woke me up and then of course you can make mirages out of "R images".

Things like this give me Ah Ha moments.

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